Success Stories

Teddy’s New Family

As hard as it was to let this sweet boy go, I look at these pictures and see how much he loves this family and these two girls. They were at the fundraiser and the two girls walked Teddy around for about an hour there. He just adored them. This family had adopted a...

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Eddie and Hulk — ADOPTED!

In mid-May, we took in two 6-month old Great Pyrenees. Their owner originally took in their mom, not knowing she was pregnant, and found out a few weeks later. The owner found homes for the 5 other puppies, but wanted to keep Eddie and Hulk. They did a fantastic job...

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Thunder’s New Family

Thunder was adopted in mid-May by a wonderful family who has adopted two Newfoundlands from us in the past. They adopted their first Newfoundland from us probably 15 years ago. His name was Justice; he stole Judy’s heart and she has been in love with the breed ever...

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Conan’s New Family

In late June, Conan was adopted by a wonderful couple from Oakmont. They currently have a female Great Dane, who needed a buddy. The two are very bonded now.

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Pandi — ADOPTED!

Pandi comes to us from the same breeder as Pandee and Buddy. You could tell they recognized each other the minute they met. We are waiting to hear about her age, but she extremely thin and has some infection in her eyes. From what I understand, her fur was completely...

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Pandee & Buddy — ADOPTED!

Pandee and Buddy were turned over to Animal Protectors by their breeder because they said they were moving. Animal Protectors felt they should go to rescue because they needed time for socialization. Pandee is a 2 year old brown Newfoundland and Buddy is a 5 year old...

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Skye’s New Family

Skye was adopted in February by a wonderful family who currently have a 2 year old English Mastiff named Bear. We originally took Skye in at 6 months old and were her third home. She was much too energetic and out of control for her original families. We fostered her...

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In January, we received an email from the Director of Western Pennsylvania Humane Society asking for help with Thor. He was left abandoned in an apartment and the landlord found him. The director felt he needed to go to rescue because he may have some medical issues....

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Jake’s New Family

Jake is a Landseer Newfoundland who turned one in January just after we got him. He was turned over because his family’s situation had changed and they just weren’t home enough for this big boy. He already weighs 117 lbs and is not conscious of his size at all. He is...

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Xena’s New Family

Xena is a 7 year old St. Bernard who was turned over to us because her owners were moving and could not take her with them. She is a big girl, as sweet as they come, and great with other doogs. She does have some minor issues with arthritis in her back legs and...

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