Pandee & Buddy — ADOPTED!

Pandee and Buddy were turned over to Animal Protectors by their breeder because they said they were moving. Animal Protectors felt they should go to rescue because they needed time for socialization. Pandee is a 2 year old brown Newfoundland and Buddy is a 5 year old Newfoundland. Pandee was kept in a pen in the house and Buddy was kept in a pen outside. We took them in mid-February and see improvement each day they are with us. We had them spayed and neutered. Our vet did detect a mild heart murmur in Pandee, who is also Lyme positive and is on medication to treat that. Both dogs are very, very sweet and will eventually be a wonderful addition to a family. They will absolutely require an above ground fenced yard as they can spook very easily.

UPDATE: Pandee was adopted in mid-April by Donna, who has adopted from us before. In mid-May, Buddy was adopted by a wonderful family from New Jersey. They have a 2-year old Newfoundland named Finn, who needed a buddy. Although we had many wonderful applications for Buddy, he really needed a very specific home. He originally came from a horrible place in another state where the dogs were not socialized and often beaten. He was basically a feral dog. He has come such a long way since we took him in. He definitely needed another dog in his new home, he needed a fenced yard and most of all a family willing to continue the work we’ve started on socializing him and making him feel part of a family. This family was more then willing to do this. They have a beautiful home with a fenced yard and an in-ground swimming pool. The girls will be very devoted to Buddy and their favorite evening time is laying on the floor, watching television and snuggling with him.