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Lucky — ADOPTED!

This December, Lucky came to our rescue. He is only 9 months old and was being kept tied up in a garage in Erie. The animal control officer basically told the family they need to either bring him inside the home or turn him over. They elected to turn him over; I was then contactedContinue Reading

Teddy’s New Family

As hard as it was to let this sweet boy go, I look at these pictures and see how much he loves this family and these two girls. They were at the fundraiser and the two girls walked Teddy around for about an hour there. He just adored them. This family had adopted a DogueContinue Reading

Conan’s New Family

In late June, Conan was adopted by a wonderful couple from Oakmont. They currently have a female Great Dane, who needed a buddy. The two are very bonded now.

Eddie and Hulk — ADOPTED!

In mid-May, we took in two 6-month old Great Pyrenees. Their owner originally took in their mom, not knowing she was pregnant, and found out a few weeks later. The owner found homes for the 5 other puppies, but wanted to keep Eddie and Hulk. They did a fantastic job with them, but unfortunately theContinue Reading

Thunder’s New Family

Thunder was adopted in mid-May by a wonderful family who has adopted two Newfoundlands from us in the past. They adopted their first Newfoundland from us probably 15 years ago. His name was Justice; he stole Judy’s heart and she has been in love with the breed ever since. Thunder will have a new sisterContinue Reading

Pablo — ADOPTED!

Pablo is a 13-month old Great Pyrenees. He is a super sweet boy, who previously lived with two kids and was great with them. His family didn’t have much of a yard and felt he needed a place where he could run and play, so they contacted us to see if we would be willingContinue Reading


Josy is a 9 month old Great Dane who was turned over because she was having socialization issues. She was fearful of meeting new people and was very afraid of other dogs. Her owner had a trainer come to her home, where he spent four hours evaluating her. She is fixable and it was recommendedContinue Reading

Finch, Fallon, and Freya — ADOPTED!

These three Saint Bernards came to us from the Columbiana County Dog Pound at the beginning of April. The CCDP had saved them from a very rural area where they were neglected. Fallon is four years old and required surgery to correct severe entropian in both eyes. We also had her spayed. Finch is aContinue Reading

Eleanor — ADOPTED!

Eleanor is a 2 year old English Mastiff. She is shy at first and needs some socialization with dogs. She is more timid of them than anything. She is really doing well and is starting to get comfortable. What a sweetheart! UPDATE:  Ellie was adopted by a wonderful family in early May. They have adoptedContinue Reading

Pandi — ADOPTED!

Pandi comes to us from the same breeder as Pandee and Buddy. You could tell they recognized each other the minute they met. We are waiting to hear about her age, but she extremely thin and has some infection in her eyes. From what I understand, her fur was completely matted so the woman atContinue Reading