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Blaze & Scooby — Our New Rescues!

blazeandsnoopyBlaze and Scooby arrived in April and are both three-years old. Blaze is the St. Bernard, who weighs 200 lbs–and could stand to lose at least 15! He is amazingly playful for his size and loves to chase a ball. He and Scooby did not have much of an opportunity to run, play and exercise. Scooby is a lab mix and is a sweetie too! They lived with a cat and a total of 7 children.

Luke — Our New Rescue

Luke is a 2-year old Doberman who was given up by his owner. As you can see, this sweet boy is very underweight, and needs some TLC & vetting. After his arrival, Luke spent the day at the vet’s. Unfortunately, it was learned that he is heartworm positive. They did more extensive bloodwork and chestContinue Reading

Pono — Our New Rescue

Pono is a 9 week old Great Dane that came to us at the end of August. Someone was going to rescue a Newfoundland when they saw this sweet little girl. They asked if I would take her in and I couldn’t say no. She was thought to be deaf and partially blind. I toldContinue Reading

Stella & Zeba — Our New Rescues

In February, we received a message from Angels for Animals in Ohio asking for help with Zeba, a 6-year old Great Dane. She was turned in by an elderly couple who were moving into an assisted living facility. I then found out that Zeba was turned in with Stella, a 9 year old Shih Tzu.Continue Reading

Rocco — Our New Rescue

Rocco is a 7.5 year old English Mastiff who was turned over in early December. I have been in communication with his mom for over two months. She was moving from place to place trying to find somewhere where she could live and also be allowed to keep him. Unfortunately, it just did not workContinue Reading

Cindel — Our New Rescue

Cindel is an English Mastiff, approximately 7-8 years old. She was discovered through a Craigslist ad in West Virginia that stated Cindel was living outside, since they could no longer keep her. She was living in the mud and filth, and it looks like she has had several litters of puppies. She has some soresContinue Reading

Mary and Mojo — Our New Rescues

In July, we took in Mary and Mojo, a brother and sister pair who are are 7 years old. Their owner passed away and no one in their family could take them. They were going to end up in a shelter, but they are so bonded with each other that we couldn’t see that happeningContinue Reading

Rosie — Our New Rescue

Rosie was found running with another Newfoundland at the beginning of this month. They were able to catch her, but the other Newfoundland took off. She is definitely older and looks like she’s had numerous litters. The woman who found her believes both dogs were most likely dumped as they were no use to theirContinue Reading

Basil — Our New Rescue

Basil is a 5-year old male English Mastiff, who was turned over to the humane society because his owner could no longer care for him as she was going to have to have her foot amputated and would no longer be able to get him outside. The humane society contacted us and we were moreContinue Reading