Rosie — Our New Rescue

Rosie was found running with another Newfoundland at the beginning of this month. They were able to catch her, but the other Newfoundland took off. She is definitely older and looks like she’s had numerous litters. The woman who found her believes both dogs were most likely dumped as they were no use to their owners any longer. She was very dirty and really smelled so she had three baths shortly after arrival. I think she knew they were making her feel better. We immediately noticed that she has two tumors, one hard one on her left back leg which I am a little concerned about. After an ultrasound, the vet called to tell us there was lot of fluid in her abdomen and they are worried about sepsis. The vet did not see a tumor near her spleen, but there were two cystic smaller masses in her stomach and we need to find out what they are. Samples of the fluid raised suspicion of cancer of her reproductive organs and exploratory surgery confirmed that diagnosis. It took two hours and one mass was the size of a baseball, but the doctor believes he got all of the tumors. The “free fluid” in her abdomen was from the leaking masses. Check out our Facebook for more updates on this sweet lady, who so deserves a peaceful life.