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Wrangler’s New Family!

wranglerWrangler is a 2.5-year old English mastiff who arrived in October. He lived with a male lab, cats and a 5-year old boy. He weighs around 145 lbs and is really a nice boy. By the end of the month, he was adopted by this wonderful family who had lost their Italian mastiff in March. She was 12 years old and they needed time to grieve. But when they saw Wrangler, they knew it was time to open up their hearts and home to a new baby, and he was the one!

Grizz’s New Family!

Grizz is an 11-month old Newfoundland who arrived here in September. He was turned over to Gentle Ben’s because his owner was working very long hours and wanted a better life for this pup. He realized it was not fair to Grizz to be home for that long by himself, although he would have familyContinue Reading

Stanley’s New Family!

Stanley is a super sweet 6-year-old Newfoundland who weighs around 135 lbs. His family could no longer keep him and contacted us for help in mid-August. He is so laid back and did great meeting the dogs. Stanley does have a skin condition that gives him a very yeasty smell. Regular bathing and medication should clear this up. In early September, StanleyContinue Reading

Berta’s New Family!

Berta turned 5 in April and came to us in June. She is a Bullmastiff mix who weighs around 100 lbs and is very sweet. She was turned over to rescue because the little boy in their family is very sick and spends weeks at a time in the hospital. The family absolutely loved BertaContinue Reading

Moose’s New Family!

Moose is a 16-month old Newfoundland who came from the same family as Mato. He arrived here in April, and was immediately neutered and updated on his vaccinations. He weighs 106 lbs and is a super sweet boy. He needs a little training, but he is a quick learner. He currently really likes to pull onContinue Reading

Mato’s New Family!

Mato is a brown Newfoundland who came to Gentle Ben’s in March because her family was going through a divorce. She turned four in June and did extremely well here. She is a sweetheart who loved to play with the other dogs too! In April, Mato was adopted by a wonderful family from the state of Indiana. They currently haveContinue Reading

Offie’s New Family!

Offie is an 11 month old St. Bernard who came to us in March because his family could no longer keep him. Offie is crate trained and spent a short time getting used to all of the big dogs. He lived with a male Puggle and the family had a child as well. In April, OffieContinue Reading

Minnie’s New Family!

Minnie is a 12 month old Landseer Newfoundland who was originally purchased at Petland. From what I was told, the husband ended up abusing Minnie; the wife left him and took Minnie but could no longer keep her. She was given to another couple who had her for several months. This couple was wonderful andContinue Reading

Maisey’s New Family!

Maisey is an 11-month old American Bulldog mix. Her mother was a purebred American Bulldog and we’re thinking her father was a yellow lab. Her family moved to Pittsburgh from Virginia. They are living with their in-laws, so Maisey has nowhere to run and play. Her family is amazing and did such a wonderful jobContinue Reading

Zeus’s New Family

Zeus is a 4 year old Newfoundland who was turned over in January to us due to a divorce. His previous owner was working very long hours and felt that Zeus deserved better because he was home alone for very long periods of time. He is very sweet and housetrained. A visit to the vet’sContinue Reading