Grizz’s New Family!

grizzGrizz is an 11-month old Newfoundland who arrived here in September. He was turned over to Gentle Ben’s because his owner was working very long hours and wanted a better life for this pup. He realized it was not fair to Grizz to be home for that long by himself, although he would have family come over to let him out during the day. Although Grizz settled in very nicely here, we are happy to say he was quickly adopted by a wonderful family from Plum. He joins Koda who is a 1.5-year old Saint Bernard/Newfoundland. Originally Koda and his family came to Gentle Ben’s for the meeting, but Koda was a little uncomfortable being away from home–he wouldn’t leave his mom’s side! We decided to introduce Grizz at Koda’s home the following weekend and it went great. We all met outside, took them for a walk and then brought them into the backyard. Koda was much more relaxed and showed his true loving personality. Thank you to this wonderful family for opening up their home to sweet Grizz!

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