Maisey’s New Family!

maiseyMaisey is an 11-month old American Bulldog mix. Her mother was a purebred American Bulldog and we’re thinking her father was a yellow lab. Her family moved to Pittsburgh from Virginia. They are living with their in-laws, so Maisey has nowhere to run and play. Her family is amazing and did such a wonderful job with her. She is very sweet and has gone through obedience training. She is crate trained. She does need more training walking on a leash because she does pull and is very strong. She has settled in here very nicely and just loves playing with the other dogs.

maiseyadoptedThis wonderful couple came out last Sunday to meet Maisey. They also brought their dog, Reuben, so we could see how he and Maisey got along–and they hit it off from the start. Her new family has a beautiful home and fenced yard, but my only concern was their porch railing, which was much lower, and I was afraid Maisey could jump over it. So this week, they ordered a new railing which was 4 ft and installed it–then came back yesterday to adopt Maisey! She will have a wonderful home with them and her new brother, Reuben.

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