Pono — Our New Rescue

ponoPono is a 9 week old Great Dane that came to us at the end of August. Someone was going to rescue a Newfoundland when they saw this sweet little girl. They asked if I would take her in and I couldn’t say no. She was thought to be deaf and partially blind. I told Sue I need her as much as she needs me and thought it was time. She is my first rescue since my husband passed away. Pono means contentment and balance when all is good and all is right in Hawaiian. What could be more fitting! She is doing so well here. Right away, I’ve found out that she can definitely see and she can hear too. She is super playful and has been a really good puppy; all of the dogs have welcomed her here at Gentle Ben’s

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  1. Pat Jess says:


    Hi, this is Pat Jess (Richard’s cousin) Just wanted to let you know that I referred someone to you looking to adopt a large breed dog. Her name is Mona Musser. Great lady. Any dog would have a great home with her. She had two large dogs but one of them recently passed and she wants to get another one so the one that she now has is not lonely. Hope you find a good match for her. Hope you are doing well. I know it must be tough. Thinking of you. You are in our prayers. Take care. Sorry to contact you this way but I didn’t have an email.


  2. Elaine Kiah says:

    Hi There,
    I have tried calling you to see how you are doing? And then along came Pono, to help see you through!! That should tell the world that dogs, cats, whatever can see what is in your heart, and start the healing. I truly believe that Noreen. God Bless you and Gentle Ben’s Rescue. Barry says ” Hello troublemaker”

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