Eddie and Hulk — ADOPTED!

eddieandhulkIn mid-May, we took in two 6-month old Great Pyrenees. Their owner originally took in their mom, not knowing she was pregnant, and found out a few weeks later. The owner found homes for the 5 other puppies, but wanted to keep Eddie and Hulk. They did a fantastic job with them, but unfortunately the owner now has severe medical issues of her own and could no longer keep them. Both have been through AKC puppy training and are a good size. Eddie weighs 82 lbs and Hulk weighs 80 lbs. They are doing very well here and have already caught onto the routine.

hulkandeddieUPDATE: In September, Hulk and Eddie were adopted by two sisters, Jennifer and Heather. They have a beautiful home with a fenced yard and a swimming pool. They used to have 3 dogs and their last one just recently passed away. They were so excited when I told them they were approved to adopt these sweet boys. They made arrangements to come out that following morning to meet them. After spending 5 minutes with the boys, they instantly fell in love. Hulk sealed the deal when he started chasing a butterfly around the yard. It was the cutest thing to see. It was important to keep them together because they had such a bond.



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  1. Kris Scott says:

    Hello, I am wondering if Eddie and Hulk are available for adoption? Also, would you prefer to adopt them together?


  2. Emmy Mittler says:

    I live in jersey city, NJ with my 10 year old German Shepard lab mutt Louis. I live in a pet friendly condo that is quite spacious- just me and Lou share over 1000 square feet. My amenities include a dog park (lots of large breeds live here too!) and a wonderful community dog walker/ sitter that hosts a playgroup daily. Since I’ve been having Lou go to playgroup, he has just become like a young pup again and I’ve been wanting to get him a companion. I had a Weimaraner for several years with him that tragically died a few years ago, but he likes large breeds better :) are these two able to be separated? What is the adoption process? Thank you! Emmy Mittler

  3. Debby says:

    Can you post some more pictures of them closer please:)

  4. Karen says:

    Hello, Im Karen and my family loves Eddie! We have a few question like were are they located? And how much are they? Hope to hear from you soon, thank you!

    • Noreen says:

      All of our dogs are located at our facility, which is just outside the town of Zelienople, PA. Hulk and Eddie have been adopted, but thank you for your interest!

  5. Kelly A Smith says:

    My husband and I really seriously looking to adopt Eddie or Hulk. We need a calmer, easily trained puppy that would make a solid service dog. My husband has been a firefighter/EMT for 22+ years and had been diagnosed with PTSD. I am very familiar with training dogs, as well.
    If you could provide more information on them, and cost…I would greatly appreciate it.

  6. darlene says:

    are they potty trained? how can i find out more information? thank you!

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