josysnewfamilyjosyJosy is a 9 month old Great Dane who was turned over because she was having socialization issues. She was fearful of meeting new people and was very afraid of other dogs. Her owner had a trainer come to her home, where he spent four hours evaluating her. She is fixable and it was recommended that she be turned over to us, where she can get the proper socialization she needs. She is doing really well and after two days here, she began playing with the dogs. Josy just adores Rich and follows him everywhere. She was very well loved by her original owner, who is older and just couldn’t handle her anymore. Her original owner is updated with pictures so that she knows Josy is doing really well.

UPDATE:  Josy was adopted at the end of July by a couple with two dogs and Bengal cat.


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  1. Kim Wolfe says:

    I am interested in Josie’s progress. We are looking for an adoptable pet, I have 130 pound Rottweiler who has recently passed his thera pet test. I would like to get him a playmate. My only concern about not getting a puppy is that we have six small grandchildren. I need to be as sure as possible that they will not be endangered. I do however want a big dog breed. And one that is not a profuse shedder. I have never had a Great Dane. but I love the breed. We have lots of room and lots of love. I would appreciate more information and possibly meeting this baby.

  2. Sheila says:

    Is Josy still looking for a forever home?

  3. Tiffany Grundza says:

    Hi, I was wondering if josy is still available for adoption. Also is she house trained and would she be ok around small children? My parents are looking for another Great Dane to adopt as they have lost both of theirs to cancer earlier this year. They frequently have their grandchildren at their home and want to make sure that the dog won’t be to scared of the children or attack out of fear.

  4. Anne Paisley says:

    I am, and would be interested unknowing more about Josie, and maybe getting an opportunity to meet her, and of course, her kind, human care givers!

  5. Debby says:

    Do you think Josy will do well with Kids, teenagers not small kids?

  6. Bob Anthony says:

    IS Josy still available?
    What is the cost of adoption?
    Do you know if she is good with children (13 yo boy)


  7. Dee Pakulski says:

    GORGEOUS little girl!!

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