Finch, Fallon, and Freya — ADOPTED!

finchfreyafallonThese three Saint Bernards came to us from the Columbiana County Dog Pound at the beginning of April. The CCDP had saved them from a very rural area where they were neglected. Fallon is four years old and required surgery to correct severe entropian in both eyes. We also had her spayed. Finch is a six year old with hip dysplasia and Freya is four years old. They are all settling quite nicely and we are hoping to place them all together.

UPDATE: At the end of June, Diane and Rick opened their home to 3 more St. Bernards! They currently have Fiona, who I believe is 11 years old, and Turner, who they adopted from us a few years ago. They wanted to keep this group together as much as we did. All of the dogs are getting along great! They are amazed at how well they settled in; we couldn’t be happier with this outcome.



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  1. Allen Chesner says:

    We are interested in adopting one of these. Can u reply with a price and details

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