Bernie — ADOPTED!

bernieIn early August, we took in Bernie, who is approximately 2 years old. He is either a Newfie or a Newfie mix and weighs just about 100 lbs. In his prior home, he was kept tied to a trailer. He would get loose, eventually come back and then get tied up again. The last time he got loose, the dog warden picked him up and contacted his owner, who said they said they didn’t want him back. He is a sweet boy and though he has lots of energy at times, he is also very mellow. He does need lots of work when on a leash, but is absolutely perfect riding in a car. He seems to be completely housetrained.

berniesnewdadUPDATE: Bernie was adopted by Jeff and Christie. They currently have a 2 1/2 year old Newfoundland named Ruby. They have adopted two other other dogs from us in the past–a St. Bernard named Champ and a Newfoundland named Lady.

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