Mary and Mojo — Our New Rescues

maryIn July, we took in Mary and Mojo, a brother and sister pair who are are 7 years old. Their owner passed away and no one in their family could take them. They were going to end up in a shelter, but they are so bonded with each other that we couldn’t see that happening and agreed to take them in. They are just absolute sweethearts and have settled right in. Since his arrival, Mojo has been neutered and vaccinated. He did test positive for Lyme’s disease so we’ve started him on antibiotics. Mary is thankfully already spayed and has the yellow collar on. mojo

2 Responses to Mary and Mojo — Our New Rescues

  1. Tracy says:

    You and your husband are true angels!
    Reading these stories brings tears to my eyes❤

  2. Nicholette Hackney says:

    What beautiful babies… if we were ready in our own home we would gladly adopt them both. We have always had pairs of Mastiff until this past year when we had to move out of state for a job… As soon as we purchase another home we will adopt from a rescue again.

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