Marilyn — ADOPTED!

marilynMarilyn is a 4-year-old smooth-coated St. Bernard who lived with 4 other dogs. Her owner was going through a divorce, had to move, and could not take her with him. She’s very thin and as tall as our Great Danes! She is very well behaved in the house and completely house-trained. Her vet check-up revealed negative heartworm and Lymes’ test. She weighed 120 lbs and had her vaccinations. She will favor her front right leg at times and we noticed a little sac of fluid on her right elbow. Our vet took a sample of it and said that it’s joint fluid. She could have had some type of injury when she was younger, but we’re just not sure. It is not an ACL injury or anything like that. We have her on glucosamine and antibiotics for her skin.

marilynsnewfamilyUPDATE: At the end of July, Marilyn was adopted by this wonderful couple, who had adopted Buddy, the St. Bernard, from us several years ago. They have a beautiful home with two acres totally fenced in.

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  1. I’m interested in adopting Marilyn. I live in Minnesota, and we have a husky female, and a Newfoundland neutered male around 6 years old. We lost our other Newfee this Spring, and it looks as if Marilyn might be a good fit. How do I go about proceding with an adoption? Where are you located?

    Paula Anderson & Robert Reynnells

    • Noreen says:

      Marilyn has been adopted. There is an application available on our website if you are still interested in adopting one of our available dogs. We are located in western Pennsylvania.

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