Cocoa — ADOPTED!

cocoaCocoa is an English Mastiff who was found as a stray. We’re thinking Cocoa may be around 4 years old and seems to completely light up when she is around kids. She is completely housebroken, gets along well with the other dogs, and has perfect house manners. Cocoa is very stiff in the hind end and will favor her back right leg at times. We’re hoping it’s not too serious and that she just needs to be on glucosamine, fish oil, and good food but we’ll see what our vet says. She will be spending the day at our vets, where they will run bloodwork and possibly take x-rays. We’ll also have a heartworm and Lyme’s test run, as well as make sure to vaccinate her. Hopefully we can figure out why she’s so stiff!

cocoasnewfamilyUPDATE: In mid-August, Cocoa was adopted by a family who had recently lost their 10.5 year old English Mastiff and were finally ready to open up their home to love another one. Cocoa will go for walks to the park so she can play with the kids, which is what she loves so much.

5 Responses to Cocoa — ADOPTED!

  1. Susan Ray says:

    Any word on Cocoa? Is she still looking to be adopted?

  2. Linda Kauffeld says:

    How is Cocoa coming along? Did they every find out what was causing her stiffnees in back legs?

  3. Amber J says:

    Is she still available? We lost our English Mastiff to bone cancer a couple years ago— we are in Northern California where are you located?

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