Huxley — ADOPTED!

huxleyHuxley is 9-months old and arrived in May. He is a Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd mix. He was extremely fearful of people but has settled in very nicely. He is adjusting well to groups of our friends and has even started playing with Dexter, Teddy, and Canaan. I really think being with the other dogs gives him the confidence he needs to learn to trust people. He jumped up on my lap and fell asleep a few days after his arrival. It was so adorable!

huxleyadoptionUPDATE: Huxley was adopted by a wonderful family from Ohio. They have had two German shepherd mixes in the past. The last one passed away in May of this year. They adopted Haley from a rescue in Ohio a few weeks ago, knowing that Huxley would need a buddy. The two dogs hit it off right away and are already the best of friends. Check out our Facebook page for a video of them playing together!

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  1. Elaine and Barry says:

    I check your site often. Hope all is well with you and Rich and all the Kohl Kritters! How many do you have now? Being without our Mirakohl is so hard, she was one of a kind and her heart was as big as she was. The kids in the neighborhood have grown up with her in their lives and they miss her too. She was our big black bear.
    Think of you often.
    Keep up the great work, everyone should know that we have adopted four wonderful girls from you!!!

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