Basil — Our New Rescue

basilBasil is a 5-year old male English Mastiff, who was turned over to the humane society because his owner could no longer care for him as she was going to have to have her foot amputated and would no longer be able to get him outside. The humane society contacted us and we were more than happy to help. He is a very sweet boy. He does have some weakness in his hind end. He weighs around 160 lbs and has settled in very nicely. His favorite hobby is snuggling on the couch with one of us.

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  1. Toni Martin says:

    I am interested in Basil and some of your other dogs but am having difficulty getting
    to the adoption tab. Please advise or send me a PDF form and I will e-mail
    it back.

    Thanks so much,
    Toni Martin

  2. kathie cacchione says:

    Wonderful site we are looking to adopt a mastiff or other large breed for a new member to our family as well as a playmate for our 2year old mixed breed pup named diesel.

  3. Nicole O'Malley says:

    Hello! I am looking into a mastiff for my family. We have 2 children, ages 2 and 3. They have been around dogs since they were born, different breeds from boxer/pit mixes to black labs. They are always very kind to them and my son even tries to give kisses when they stick their tongues out. I was curious as to whether or not Basil would be a good fit for our family, such as had he ever been around young children before. I have read up on mastiffs and found their breed is very gentle and kind and protective towards children, so I really am interested in finding out more about Basil and if he may not be a good fit, more about other Mastiffs from your rescue. I find it wonderful that you take in these beautiful animals. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank a bunch!!!
    Nicole O’Malley

  4. Maureen A. Maguire says:

    Hi! We are an adult family of three, my husband, myself and an adult son. Our home sits on two acres and we like our dogs to be comfortable inside as well as outside our home. We have had dogs in the recent past who died after 12 years of natural causes. Our vets office is on the same street a few blocks away. Dogs have been in our whole married life and find we are most comfortable with large breeds. A puppy would be ideal.
    Thank you.
    Maureen Maguire

  5. becky kimmel says:

    Is your website up to date with everyone in need of good home?

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