Abby — Our New Rescue

abby2Abby is a Newfoundland who did not have a very nice start in life. As you can see, she was not taken care of and will need medical attention. She has major skin issues, large bumps on her back, and a granuloma on her back leg. The vet visit revealed that she does have Lymes disease and may have mild entropian in both eyes. Her eyes are infected and it does appear that the cornea on her right eye has been affected. Our vet thinks it’s from all of the buildup of infection around her eye, which when it dries becomes hard, and it has been rubbing on her eyeball. Despite her previous life, she is the sweetest girl. Believe it or not, she is only supposed to be 4 years old. Her skin condition makes her appear much older. She is so mellow and I believe is just happy to have a warm home & a nice comfy doggie bed to sleep on. She was perfectly behaved for the bath I gave her yesterday and really seemed to enjoy it. We love taking in these sweet souls who have had such a rough start and give them the life they should have had. She will be looking like a totally different dog in a few weeks.abby abby1

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  1. Rebecca Callahan says:

    Are any of her problems contagious ?

  2. Rebecca Callahan says:

    Where did she come from? Will she be adoptable ? Is she used to other dogs or cats or children?

  3. Holly Olson says:

    Hi, just sent the note below via the link on FB.

    Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

    Abby’s updated FB shots are spectacular .

    My husband and I don’t want to be a bother, but we also don’t want to seem uninterested. I volunteer at an animal shelter and there is a delicate balance between too many calls and none at all. We figured since you said that there wouldn’t be any movement with Abby’s adoption process for two weeks, that we would not contact you. We do check the FB page and web site for updates.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or when we might be able to come visit.

    Thanks so much for the life that you extend to these giant beasties.

    Holly and Tom Olson

  4. jeannette says:

    how is abby now ………

  5. Kate says:

    Hi! When will Abby be available? I have been looking for an adoptable Newfoundland since mine passed away and would love to adopt.

  6. David says:

    How is Abby coming along ?

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