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Rocky — ADOPTED!

Rocky is a 16-month old English Mastiff whose owners could no longer care for him. His mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and they were going to have to travel to the middle of the state for treatment, leaving Rocky home by himself. He weighs around 110 lbs and is doing very well here. HeContinue Reading

Roxy’s New Family

Roxy is a 7-year old English Mastiff whose family was going through a divorce. In the past year, this sweet girl has experienced the loss of a cat and a pug in her family, and now a divorce. She was very confused when she arrived but settled in nicely. A few short weeks later, RoxyContinue Reading

Basil — Our New Rescue

Basil is a 5-year old male English Mastiff, who was turned over to the humane society because his owner could no longer care for him as she was going to have to have her foot amputated and would no longer be able to get him outside. The humane society contacted us and we were moreContinue Reading


Baby is a 6 year old male English Mastiff. He weighs around 160 lbs and arrived in April. He was turned over to rescue because his family could no longer care for him, as his mom’s health was not very good. He is super sweet, totally house-trained and very laid back. He can be aContinue Reading

Dexter — ADOPTED!

Dexter is approximately 8-months old and currently weighs 100. We think he may be a Neapolitan Mastiff or possibly a Cane Corso. He has fit right in and now his best buddies are Teddy & Canaan. His tail is constantly wagging and his little butt shakes because of the cropped tail. He is such aContinue Reading


Zeus is 16 months old and is a very sweet boy. He is a little shy around the dogs but he will be running and playing with the others soon. Right now, he likes to cling to either me or Rich for security but that will all change as he becomes more comfortable in hisContinue Reading

Angel — Our New Rescue

Angel is an 8 year old MALE English Mastiff who came into rescue on Friday when his owner could no longer keep him. He has granulomas on his paws, is weak on the hind end and just looks so tired, the poor boy. He will be thoroughly checked out by our vet this week andContinue Reading

Monty & Willow — A Success Story

Monty was adopted on New Year’s Day by a wonderful couple from Canfield, OH. Danette is a mobile dog groomer and she and her husband Paul have a gorgeous home, fenced yard, 3 cats and 4 dogs. They have already started taking Monty to dog training to help him overcome his shyness with people. WeContinue Reading

Rocco — Our New Rescue

Rocco is a 6-year old English Mastiff who was found as a stray. He is such a sweet soul and all he wants is belly rubs. He is doing really well with the other dogs and already acts like he’s always been here. His favorite spot to nap is on a doggie bed right inContinue Reading

Marley — ADOPTED!

Marley is a 5-year old Dogue de Bordeaux who we took in just over a month ago. She was severely neglected and basically lived in a garage. Her owner got her at 8 weeks old as a Christmas gift and said us it took her 2 years before she would even wag her tail. ItContinue Reading