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Wrangler’s New Family!

wranglerWrangler is a 2.5-year old English mastiff who arrived in October. He lived with a male lab, cats and a 5-year old boy. He weighs around 145 lbs and is really a nice boy. By the end of the month, he was adopted by this wonderful family who had lost their Italian mastiff in March. She was 12 years old and they needed time to grieve. But when they saw Wrangler, they knew it was time to open up their hearts and home to a new baby, and he was the one!

Berta’s New Family!

Berta turned 5 in April and came to us in June. She is a Bullmastiff mix who weighs around 100 lbs and is very sweet. She was turned over to rescue because the little boy in their family is very sick and spends weeks at a time in the hospital. The family absolutely loved BertaContinue Reading

Eleanor — ADOPTED!

Eleanor is a 2 year old English Mastiff. She is shy at first and needs some socialization with dogs. She is more timid of them than anything. She is really doing well and is starting to get comfortable. What a sweetheart! UPDATE:  Ellie was adopted by a wonderful family in early May. They have adoptedContinue Reading


In January, we received an email from the Director of Western Pennsylvania Humane Society asking for help with Thor. He was left abandoned in an apartment and the landlord found him. The director felt he needed to go to rescue because he may have some medical issues. The vet at the shelter detected a heartContinue Reading

Gillian — Our Angel

In the fall of 2015, we were contacted by the San Francisco SPCA about a special Mastiff named Gillian. Gillian is from the South Korean meat market and was saved by Humane Society International, who flew her to the United States. She will always have a medically difficult life. While she was in Korea, sheContinue Reading

Rocco — Our New Rescue

Rocco is a 7.5 year old English Mastiff who was turned over in early December. I have been in communication with his mom for over two months. She was moving from place to place trying to find somewhere where she could live and also be allowed to keep him. Unfortunately, it just did not workContinue Reading

Cindel — Our New Rescue

Cindel is an English Mastiff, approximately 7-8 years old. She was discovered through a Craigslist ad in West Virginia that stated Cindel was living outside, since they could no longer keep her. She was living in the mud and filth, and it looks like she has had several litters of puppies. She has some soresContinue Reading

Mary and Mojo — Our New Rescues

In July, we took in Mary and Mojo, a brother and sister pair who are are 7 years old. Their owner passed away and no one in their family could take them. They were going to end up in a shelter, but they are so bonded with each other that we couldn’t see that happeningContinue Reading

Cocoa — ADOPTED!

Cocoa is an English Mastiff who was found as a stray. We’re thinking Cocoa may be around 4 years old and seems to completely light up when she is around kids. She is completely housebroken, gets along well with the other dogs, and has perfect house manners. Cocoa is very stiff in the hind endContinue Reading

Canaan’s New Family!

A few months back, we took in Canaan, although we did not post him on the website because there was so much interest in him. This weekend, Canaan was adopted by a wonderful family from Greensburg. They have a 6 month old female Boerboel who needed a playmate. As you can see, the two hitContinue Reading