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Blaze & Scooby — Our New Rescues!

blazeandsnoopyBlaze and Scooby arrived in April and are both three-years old. Blaze is the St. Bernard, who weighs 200 lbs–and could stand to lose at least 15! He is amazingly playful for his size and loves to chase a ball. He and Scooby did not have much of an opportunity to run, play and exercise. Scooby is a lab mix and is a sweetie too! They lived with a cat and a total of 7 children.

Offie’s New Family!

Offie is an 11 month old St. Bernard who came to us in March because his family could no longer keep him. Offie is crate trained and spent a short time getting used to all of the big dogs. He lived with a male Puggle and the family had a child as well. In April, OffieContinue Reading

Teddy’s New Family

As hard as it was to let this sweet boy go, I look at these pictures and see how much he loves this family and these two girls. They were at the fundraiser and the two girls walked Teddy around for about an hour there. He just adored them. This family had adopted a DogueContinue Reading

Finch, Fallon, and Freya — ADOPTED!

These three Saint Bernards came to us from the Columbiana County Dog Pound at the beginning of April. The CCDP had saved them from a very rural area where they were neglected. Fallon is four years old and required surgery to correct severe entropian in both eyes. We also had her spayed. Finch is aContinue Reading

Xena’s New Family

Xena is a 7 year old St. Bernard who was turned over to us because her owners were moving and could not take her with them. She is a big girl, as sweet as they come, and great with other doogs. She does have some minor issues with arthritis in her back legs and receivesContinue Reading

Marilyn — ADOPTED!

Marilyn is a 4-year-old smooth-coated St. Bernard who lived with 4 other dogs. Her owner was going through a divorce, had to move, and could not take her with him. She’s very thin and as tall as our Great Danes! She is very well behaved in the house and completely house-trained. Her vet check-up revealedContinue Reading